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statue and bronze

. RUCKSTUHL, rfik'stool, Fred Welling ton, American sculptor: b. Breitenbach, Alsace, 22 May 1853. At two he was brought to America by his parents who settled in Saint Louis, Mo. His art studies were begun in 1883 in Paris. His first exhibit, a life size nude figure called 'Evening,' won honorable mention In the Salon and a Grand medal at Chicago World's Fair, and has since been in the Metro politan Museum, New York; bronze group, 'Mercury Amusing Himself,' Portland place, Saint Louis; bronze statue, Solon,' in the Con gressional Library, Washington, D. C., and for the facade of the same library, heads of Frank lin, Goethe and Macaulay; bronze, on the Soldiers and Sailors' Monument, Jamaica, L. I.; equestrian statue of : 'Gen. John F. Hartranft,' Harrisburg, Pa.; 'Wisdom) and 'Force,) colossal marble statues at entrance of Appellate Court House, New York; 'Gloria Victis,' a bronze group on Confederate monu ment, Baltimore; 'Defense of the Flag,' a bronze Confederate monument at Little Rock, Ark.; 'Phoenecia,' marble colossal statue at

the ' Customs House, New York City; 'Color Bearer,' Petersburg Battlefield, Va.; equestrian statue, (Gen, Wade Hampton,' Columbia, S. C.; marble statue, (John C. Calhoun,) in the Hall of Fame, Wash ington, D. C.; bronze group, 'Woman's Monument,' at Columbia, D. C; a bronze statue, (Dr. Charles D. McIver,' Raleigh, N. C.; monument to the 'Three Partisan Generals, Sumter, Moultrie and Pickens,' at Columbia, S. C.; marble statue, M. in the Hall of Fame, Washington, D. C, etc. Mr. Ruck stuhl is member of the National Institute of Arts and Letters, the National Sculpture Society, the Architectural League, etc.