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SUNDERLAND, Jabez Thomas, Amer can Unitarian clergyman: b. Yorkshire, Eng land, 11 Feb. 1842. He was graduated from the University of Chicago in 1867 and from the Union Baptist Theological Seminary in 1870. He was editor.of The Unitarian Monthly 1886-95, and has held Unitarian pastorates in Milwaukee, Chicago, Ann Arbor, Oakland, Cal., London, England, Toronto, Ontario, Hartford, Conn., and Poughkeepsie, N. Y. He has been director of the American Unitarian Associa tion, secretary of the Western Unitarian Con ference, president of the Michigan Unitarian Conference and non-resident lecturer on the Religions of India in the Meadville (Pa.) Theological School. He is a member of the Michigan Authors Club. Has the following honorary degrees: A.B., A.M. and B.D. from the University of Chicago and D.D. (1914) from Tufts College. He was sent to India, 1895-96, by the British and Foreign Unitarian Association, to study the educational, social and religious conditions of the Indian people, and made an extended report on the same on his return to London. In 1913-14 was Billings

Lecturer of the American Unitarian Associa tion in Japan, China, Ceylon and India. Was president of the All-India Theistic Congress, 1913. Has written extensively for magazines, reviews and other periodicals in the United States, Canada, England and India. He is author of 'A Rational Faith' (1878) ; 'What is the Bible' (1878) ; 'The Liberal Ministry' (1889); 'Home Travel in Bible Lands' (1894); 'A College Town Pulpit' (1895); 'Liberal Religion in India' (1896); 'A Pacific Coast Pulpit' (1898); 'Travel and Life in Palestine' (1900) ; 'James Martineau' (1905) ' 'The Spark in the Clod' (1906); 'Causes of Famine in India' (1906); 'The Origin and Character of the Bible' (1907) ; 'The Bible and Bible Country' (1909) ; 'Oh, to be Rich and Young' (1910); 'The Orient and Liberal Religion' (1913); 'Liberal Religion as a World Move ment' (1913); 'Military Preparedness the World's Menace' (1916).