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city, county and public

SYDNEY, Canada, city, chief port of entry of Cape Breton Island and capital of Cape Bre ton County, province of Nova Scotia, situated on the southwest arm of Sydney harbor, 285 miles northeast of Halifax; and on the Inter colonial and the Sydney and Louisburg railroads and on the Sydney and Glace Bay Electric Railway. Of these the most important is the great works of the Dominion Iron and Steel Company, employing 3,000 men and turning out 500 tons of steel rails daily. The shipping of coal is also an important industry employing great numbers of men. Among other indus tries are chemical works, iron and brass foun dries, railway repair shops, slag cement works, wood factories, brewery and bottling works. The value of its manufactures reach about $11,000,000 annually. There are five banks lo cated in the city. The chief publications are two daily and three weekly newspapers, one of which the Mac Talla is published in pure Gmlic.

There are 13 churches in the city, branches of the Y. M. C. A. and the Salvation Army, and 'a Catholic Young Men's Club. Among the public institutions are the county insane asylum and a large public library. The most prominent public buildings are the customs building, the new courthouse, city hall and the new county academy. The educational facilities include a high school, Sydney Academy, School of Min ing and Engineering, Catholic convent schools, and a business college. Sydney was founded in 1784 by United 'Empire Loyalists. It became an incorporated town in 1::5 and chartered as a city in 1904. Municipal affairs are adminis tered by a city council consisting of a mayor elected every year, and 10 aldermen, represent ing five wards and elected for a terrn of two years. The city owns and operates its water worlcs. Pop. 17,723.