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city, province and empress

TAHR, tar, a wild goat (Hemitragus jem laicus), found on steep tree-covered slopes along the whole range of the Himalayas from Kash mir to Bhutan. The horns are about a foot long, flattened, with a notched anterior margin; body fawn-brown; the hair of the neck, chest and shoulders hangs to the knees; the female is lighter in color with smaller horns. Its nearest relative is the nilghiri goat of central India.

trchow', the former capital of Formosa (q.v.). See TAINAN.

trtigan'foo', China, a city in the province of Shantung, situated 35 miles southeast of Tsi-nan, on the railway to Yichau. It has a temple covering a large area, which draws many pilgrims bound for Mount Tai, which is regarded as sacred. Pop. about 75,000.

empress of Abyssinia: b. 1853; d. Addis Abeba, 11 Feb. 1918. She was a daughter of the Icing of Gondar and took an active part in the troublous politics of Abys sinia, and was concerned in aU the civil wars and intrigues which ended in the raising of Menelik, whom she had taken for 'her fifth husband in 1883 when he was simply king of Shoa, to the position of Negus-Negusti (em peror) in 1889. At Adowa where the Italians

suffered a crushing reverse, she accompanied Menelik to battle headquarters arid put her own hereditary troops in the field. During Mene lik's long illness she 'practically governed the country and kept it from internal disorders. On Menelik's death °in December 1913, his grandson, Lidj Jeassu, a youth of 18 awl no blood relation of the empress, became emperor, but failed to maintain order, and largely on Tai-Tou's initiative he was deposed in Septem ber 1916, and his aunt, Zauditu, Menelik's older daughter, was proclaimed *empress.

trwansfoo', China, the capital of the province of Shan-si, situated near the centre of the province, 260 miles south of Peking. It consists of a Chinese and a Tatar city separated by a high wall. The city has served as the residence of the emperors and contains a number of magnificent mausoleums. The surrounding region is very fertile and con tains rich coal deposits. Pop. over 200,000.