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TALMAGE, James Edward, American geologist and theologian: b. Hungerford, Eng land, 21 Sept. 1862. In 1876 he emigrated to Utah with his parents who had embraced the faith of the Latter-day Saints. He was a student at Lehigh University 1882-83; at Johns Hopkins University 1883-84, and was graduated as B.S. in chemistry from the former in 1891 and received honorary D.Sc. from the same institution in 1912; also honorary D.Sc. and didactics from Church of Jesus Christ of Lat ter-day Saints 1890. He was professor of chemistry and geology, Brigham Young Uni versity 1884-88; president Latter-day Saints University, Salt Lake City 1888-93; president University of Utah 1894-97; professor of ge ology and mineralogy, University of Utah 1894-1907; consulting and mining geologist 1907-11; director Deseret Museum, Salt Lake City, since 1891. He was one of two dele gates from the Royal Society of Edinburgh to International Geological Congress, Russia, 1897. In' the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter

day Saints he was ordained deacon 1873, teacher 1877, elder 1880, high priest 1884 and as one of the council of the 12 apostles of the Church 1911. He is a life fellow of American Asso ciation for the Advancement of Science; Royal Scottish Geographical Society; Royal Micro scopical Society, London; Geological Society, London; Geological Society of America; Royal Society of Edinburgh; life associate of Philo sophical Society of Great Britain. He is the author of 'First Book of Nature' ; 'Domestic Science'; 'Tables for Blowpipe Determina tion of Minerals'; 'The Great Salt Lake Present and Past' ; 'Account of the Origin of The Book of Mormon' ; The Articles of Faith' ; 'The Story and Philosophy of Mor monism' ; 'The Philosophical Basis of Mor monism' ; 'The Great Apostasy' ; 'The House of the Lord' ; 'Jesus the Christ,' etc.