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Taylor University

school and college

TAYLOR UNIVERSITY, located at Up land, Ind. The forerunner of the uni versity was the Fort Wayne Female College, organized in 1846 at Fort Wayne, Ind. In 1852 this college united with the Collegiate In stitution at the same place, and became a co educational school. The name was changed to Taylor University in 1890. In 1893 a new charter was obtained, and the university moved to its present site, the citizens of Upland donating 10 acres of ground and $10,000. It is under the control of the National Associa tion of Local Preachers of the Methodist Episcopal Church. It was named for Bishop Taylor, the first Methodist missionary bishop to Africa. who had a part in its organization. The departments ot the university are the col lege of liberal arts. the academy, commissioned by the State as a high school, the Reade theological seminary, the school of music, the school of expression. the normal department

and the commercial department. The college offers two courses, classical and scientific, lead ing respectively to the degrees of A.B. and B.S. A part of the work of each course is elective. The theological school offers two courses; the English Bible and the seminary course, leading to the degree of B.D. A very strong school of music accredited by the State Teachers' Training Board has a separate building. The course in expression requires four years. The commercial department offers two courses; bookkeeping and stenog raphy. The spirit of the college is markedly religious, a number of graduates every year become missionaries; and the students reli gious organizations are strong, The library contains 7,000 volutnes. The students average annually 340 and the faculty 19,