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TENIERS, David, THE YOUNGER (son of the preceding), Flemish artist: b. Antwerp, 15 Dec. 1610; d. Brussels, 25 April 1690. He received his early instruction in his art from Lis father a.' *: style was improved by copy ing 200 pictures in the gallery of Archduke Leopold William to whom he had been ap pointed painter. This copying degenerated into servile imitation and he produced such perfect facsimiles that they deceived even connoisseurs, and he has been styled the ((Ape of Painting' Yet he had also a strong vein of originality and his paintings of low life in Flanders are excellent examples of genre. Although refined in mind and manners and patronized by such men as Prince John of Austria, son of the Emperor Charles V he preferred to immor talize by his brush the card table and drinking party of boors and was to the last the en thusiastic painter of the pot-house and the guard-room with its rollicking soldiery. There

are at least 2,000 of his pictures at present in existence, six of them being hung in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, though none of these latter excepting