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university, knoxville and acres

TENNESSEE, University of, the State university located at Knoxville, Tenn. It was established in 1794 as Blount College, a non sectarian institution and was incorporated by the first general assembly of the Territory southwest of the Ohio; in 1807 the name was changed to East Tennessee College and in 1840 to East Tennessee University. In 1869 the State levislature gave to the university the control of the Congressional land grant of 1862; in 1879 it was further recognized as a State institution by an act connecting it with the public schools of• the State, and in that year its name was changed to the University of Tennessee. The board of trustees consists of . 14 members appointed by the governor and con ' firmed by the senate for a term of 12 years from each Congressional district and two each from Knoxville and Memphis; the governor, the 'commissioner of agriculture and superintendent of pueblic instruction are additional members ex officio. The university is coeducational. It comprises colleges of liberal arts,. agriculture, including experiment stations, engineering and ' law at Knoxville; colleges of medicine, of dentistry and school of pharmacy at Memphis.

Military science and drill are a part of the cur riculum and are required of the men students in the freshmen and sophomore classes. In 1902 a teachers' summer school was opened on the university grounds with the co-operation of the university authorities. (See SUMMER SCHOOL OF THE SOUTH), The university has a division of extension, including agriculture, home economics, public health, rural engineer ing and education. Short winter courses are given in. the agricultural, home economics and engineering departments. The campus proper at Knoxville contains 39.9 acres, at Memphis 1.7 acres, and the university farms contain 1,634 .acres; there are 18 buildings, including dormitories on the campus. The productive ftmds amount to $427,000; the annual income to approximately $500,000; the library contains 40,000 volumes. T/ae students number 2,030 to 2,500 normally and the faculty over 200.