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black, coat, tail, deep, short and chest

TERRIER, the name of several small breeds of dogs. Terriers were originally used for unearthing the fox and for killing rats and other vermin, and several ldnds are still em ployed in these and similar occupations. Some are good watch-dogs, and others are useful as retrievers. The most popular variety is the fox terrier, which came into fashion about 1863. It is generally white, with a smooth, dense, hard coat; its chest is deep and not broad; neck fairly long; nose black; ears small, V shaped, pendulous. The maximum weight is about 20 pounds, and in accordance with a cruel practice the tail is frequently docked. There is also a wire-haired variety of the fox teriier. The bull terrier, for show purposes all white since 1860, is a larger animal produced by crossing a terrier with a bulldog. It has a long, tapering head, black nose, long and slightly arched neck, wide and deep chest, short, close, stiff, glossy coat and a comparatively short, tapering tail. The Boston terrier is a new and popular American breed, of great docility, kindness and quality. The Irish ter rier, a trifle larger than the fox terrier, is of a reddish-yellow, wheaten or light-brown color inclining to gray, with a hard, wiry coat free from silkiness. Its chest is deep and medium wide; head long and flat; nose black; ears V-shaped and pendulous; nedc long and slightly arched; and its tail usually docked and carried high. The Scotch terrier, a smaller ani mal, has a rather short, wiry, very dense coat of various colors, such as steel-gray, brindle or grizzled, black, sandy and wheaten. It has a tapering muzzle, black nose, small, prick or half-prick, sharp-pointed ears, short thick neck, broad and deep chest, uncut tail carried high with slight bend. The Slcye terrier, the small est of useful terriers, may be of any color. Its coat is double, the under part consisting of short, close, soft hair, and the outer part of long, hard hairs, free from curl or cnsp. It

has a long head, black muzzle, prick or pen dent ears, deep chest, long and gently crested neck and short legs, and its tail may be car ried either high or low. The Clydesdale or Paisley terrier is a kind of prick-eared, sillcy coated Skye teirier. One of the modern varie ties is the Welsh terrier, about the size of the fox terrier, with a close, wiry coat of a blacic and-tan or black, grizzle and tan color. There is also an English white terrier, not unlike a small bull terrier. The Dandie Dinmont is a favorite small one, of a pepper or mustard color, with a moderately long coat consisting of hardish and soft hair mixed but without wiriness. Its large head is covered with soft, silky hair; nose black or dirk; ears large and pendulous; tail of moderate length, with a regular upward curve. The Bedlington terrier is a slightly larger form, somewhat similar to the Dandie Dinmont. The black-and-tan or Manchester terrier has the head long, flat, tapering; nose black; ears small, V-shaped, hanging; neck long and tapering; chest narrow and deep; tail of moderate length, tapering; coat close, smooth, short, glossy; color jet black and mahogany tan in different parts. He was produced by long years of skilful selection by the Manchester mill-hands of Eng land, and is One of the smartest, pluckiest ver min-killers and most interesting pets on the list. The Schipperke resembles it, but is of German origin. One.of the largest of the ter riers is the Airedale, with pendulous ears, deep chest, high tail, hard and wiry coat, lying straight and close, and of a tan, black or dark grizzle color. The Yorkshire is the best known of the small top terriers. Consult Lee's 'Modem (1896) ; Huntington, 'The Show Dog in America) (Providence 1901). Dods.