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irving and theatre

TERRY, Ellen Alice, English actress: b. Coventry, Warwickshire, 27 Feb. 1848. Her parents were both actors and she made her first appearance at the age of eight, under the management of Mrs. Charles Kean at the Prin cess Theatre, London. A little later she won high praise as the young Prince Arthur in 'King John.' During the periods of 1860-63 and 1867-68 she acted with various stock com panies, first appearing with Henry Irving in 1867, as Katherine to his Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew.' She was married early in life to G. F. Watts, the painter, hut the union was shortly dissolved, and she was married to E. A. Wardell in 1864, and again on 3 May 1907 to James Carew. She was absent from the stage 1868-74 and in 1875 won her first great success as Portia in revival of 'The Mer chant of Venice' at the old Prince of Wales Theatre. This she shortly followed with the title role in W. G. Will's play, 'Olivia,' the

result being that Henry Irving made her his leading lady and the long artistic partnership at the Lyceum Theatre was commenced. Some of her impersonations at the Lyceum have been Ophelia, Portia, Desdemona, Juliet, Beatrice, •Lady Macbeth, Cordelia, Margaret in Will's 'Faust,' the Queen in Will's 'Charles Pauline in 'The Lady of Lyons,' etc. In com pany with Irving she has several times visited the United States and has been invariably suc cessful. While still with Irving she joined Mrs. Kendal and Beerbohm Tree in a revival of 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' at Her Majesty's Theatre in 1902. She was honored by a jubilee performance at Drury Lane The atre, London, in 1906. She published 'The Rus sian ballet> (1913). Consult her autobiography, 'Story of My Life' (New York 1908).