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THACHER, James, American physician and surgeon: b. Barnstable, Mass., 14 Feb. 1754; d. Plymouth, Mass., 26 May 1844. He studied with Dr. Abner Hersey in Barnstable and in 1775 was appointed surgeon's mate in the Cambridge Hospital under Dr. John War ren. The following year he was made sur geon's mate in a regiment stationed on Pros pect Hill and marched with it to Ticonderoga where he was attached to the general hospital while the place was held by the Continental army, retiring with it in charge of the sick and wounded to Fort Edward and to Albany. He was transferred to the field service at his own request, was made chief surgeon to the First Virginia regiment in 1778 and the fol lowing year was transferred to a New England regiment. He was with the Continental army until the surrender of Cornwallis and was noted for his skill as a surgeon and for his lofty patriotism. On retiring from the army after

the war he practised in Plymouth and became well known by his scientific and literary pur suits. He was the author of much professional and literary work. His (Military Journal dur ing the American Revolutionary War' (1823) is an authority on that troublous time and is potable for the vindication of Washington for his conduct toward .Andre. Other noteworthy publications are (Observations on Hydrophobia) (Plymouth 1812) ; (American Modern Practice' (Boston 1817) 'Practical Treatise on the Management of Pus) (1829) ; (American Medi cal Biography' (2 vols., 1828) ; (Essay on Demonology, Ghosts, Apparitions and Popular Superstitions' (1831) ; (History of the Town of Plymouth' (1832) ; (Observations Relative to the Execution of Major John Andre as a Spy' (1834).