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THIERRY, Jacques Nicolas Augustin, French historian: b. Blois, 10 May 1795; d. Paris, 22 May 1856. He was educated in the Normal School at Paris in 1811, and in 1813 became teacher in a provincial school. The following year he quit this occupation and returned to Paris, where he embraced the so cialistic views of Saint Simon, and became his secretary and his coadjutor in literary work, and in 1816 published a treatise of his own, (Des nations et de leurs rapports mutuels.) Perceiving the theoretical vavaries of his mas ter, he separated from him in 1817, and became one of the conductors of the journal Le Cen seur Europeen. Shortly afterward he became a contributor to the Courrier Francais, in which, in 1820, he published 10 letters on the history of France, which attracted attention. His celebrated work on the Norman conquest of England, de la conquete de l'An gleterre par les Normands,) was published in 1825, and by the interest of the narrative, bril liance of style and novel mode of treating the subject, attained great success both in France and in England. From his close application to work M. Thierry became in the following year

almost entirely blind, and at the same time was attacked by a nervous disorder, but still pur sued his literary labors. An enlarged edition of the letters formerly written by him for the Courrier appeared in 1827, under the title of (Lewes •sur l'histoire de la France.' In 1830 he was elected a member of the Academy of Inscriptions and in 1834 published ans d'Etudes historiques.) About this time he was entrusted by Guizot, then Minister of Public Instruction, with the editing of the des monuments inedits de l'histoire du tiers-etat,' for the collection of documents relative to the history of France. To this publication he pre fixed an 'Essai sur l'histoire de la formation du tiers-etat,> separately published in 1853. In 1840 he published (Recits des temps metrovin giens,) which gained for him the Gohert prize of the Academy of Inscriptions. There exist translations of his chief works in English. There is a complete edition of his works (10 vols., 1856-60). Consult Valentin, Thierry> (Paris 1895).