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college, education and president

THWING, twing, Charles Franklin, American college president: b. New Sharon, Me., 9 Nov. 1853. He was graduated at Har vard in 1876, and at Andover Theological Seminary in 1879; received the honorary de gees of S.T.D., from Chicago Theological Seminary in 1889, LL.D., from Marietta College in 1894, from Illinois College in 1894, from Wayneshurgh College in 1901, from Washing ton and Jefferson College in 1902, and from Kenyon College in 1910; was ordained Con gregational minister in 1879; was pastor of North Avenue Congregational Church in Cam bridge, Mass., 1879-86, of Plymouth Church in Minneapolis, 1886-90, and president of Western Reserve University and Adelbert College since 1890. He is associate editor of Bibliotheca Sacra since 1884, secretary of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, and president of the Intercollegiate Peace As sociation. President Thwing is the author of 'American Colleges: Their Students and Work' (1878) ; 'The Reading of Books' (1883) ; 'The Working Church' (1894) ; 'Within College Walls' (1894) ; 'The College Woman' (1894) ; 'The American College in American Life' (1900) ; 'College Administration' (1900) ; 'The Best Life) (1900) ; 'The Choice of a College' (1901) ; 'God in His World> (1902) ; 'The Youth's Dream of Life' (1902) ; 'If I were a College Student' (1902) ; 'A Liberal Education and a Liberal Faith) (1903) ; (Col lege Training and the Business Man' (1906) ; 'Higher Education in America, A History> (1906) ; 'Education in the Far East> (1909) ; 'History of Education in the United States since the Civil War' (1910) ; 'Universities of the World' (1911) ; 'Letters from a Father to His Son entering College' (1912) ; 'Letters from a Father to His Daughter entering Col lege> (1913) ; 'The Co-Ordinate System in the Higher Education' (1913) ; 'The Family: An Historical and Social,Study) (1886 in collabora tion with Carrie Butler Thwing, revised 1913) ; 'Education according to Some Modern Masters> (1916) and contributions to maga zines.