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paul, ephesus and lystra

TIMOTHY, a disciple of Saint Paul: b. in Lycaonia, Asia Minor, probably at Lystra, of a Gentile fattier and Jewish mother. His father's name is unknown; his mother's was Eunice, his grandmother's Lois. By his mother and grandmother he was early made familiar with the Old Testament Scriptures, and it seems likely that by them also he was first instructed in the Christian faith, which they had probably been won over to on Saint Paul's first mission ary visit to Lystra, while Timothy was still very young. When Saint Paul, along with Silas, vis ited Lystra on his second missionary journey, seven years after the first, Timothy became an active fellow-worker with the apostle, and he accompanied him and Silas in the further course of their mission. Timothy accompanied Paul to Philippi and Bcrcea; but he is not mentioned as being with Paul at Thcssalonica, which the apostle visited after Philippi and before Bercca. He was then left in the last mentioned city alone, but rejoined Paul at Athens, from which city he was sent back to Thcssalonica. After remaining there some time he once more joined his master at Corinth. No further mention is made of

Timothy till at least five years later, when he is found with Paul at Ephesus on his third missionary journey. From Ephesus he was sent along with Erastus into Macedonia and Achaia to prepare the churches there for the visit that Paul himself was meditating (Acts xix, 22). Timothy met the apostle again in Macedonia, and was among those who preceded him on his journey to Jerusalem. We lose sight of him for the next two or three years; but he appears at Rorne with Paul at the time when the epistles to the Colossians, Philippians and Philemon were written. From the third verse of the first chapter of the first epistle to Timothy we learn that Timothy was on one occasion left at Ephesus when Paul went into Macedonia, and it is supposed that this was after Paul had been released from the confinement in which he was placed when he was sent to Rome from Jeru salem. Tradition makes Timothy the first bishop of Ephesus. He is said to have been martyred in the reign of Domitian or Nerva.