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Toledo War

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TOLEDO WAR, The, a name popularly given to the contest over the division line be tween Michigan on the north and Indiana and Ohio on the south. It arose out of an error in the location of the southern point of Lake Michigan. In 1805 the Territory of Michigan was organized in conformity with the Ordinance of 1787, which provided that the line between Ohio, Indiana and Illinois on the south, and the territory on the north, should be °an east and west line running through the southern point of Lake Michigan' This was set down on thd maps of the times 32' N., but when Michi gan was organized it was found that the true line through the southern point of Lake Michi gan was 65 miles to the south, or 37' 19" N., and this more southerly line was adopted. But when Indiana and Illinois were organized as States, the northern line was adopted, and there was thus left a belt 65 miles broad claimed by both factions. Congress ordered a survey, which was completed in 1817, establishing the °Harris* line, near the northern one. But the

people of Michigan protested vehemently, as the city of Toledo was in the disputed belt. In 1836 Ohio by act of legislature organized town ships in this territory, which had long been under the control of Michigan. Then both Michigan and Ohio appealed to President Jack son, but got no relief. The governor of Ohio called out the militia, the governor of Michigan did likewise and occupied Toledo. When it seemed as if a conflict could no longer be pre vented the matter was settled,by the admission of Michigan to the Union as a State upon con dition of her acceptance of the allarrisp line, and giving her in recompense the northern part of the peninsula of Wisconsin. Great deposits of copper and iron being found in this penin sula, Michigan accepted the conditions and entered the Union as a State 26 Jan. 1837. See