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TORREY, Reuben Archer, American evangelist: b. Hoboken, N. J., 28 Jan. 1856. He was educated at Yale College and at Leipzig and Erlangen in Germany He was ordained as a Congregational minister in 1878, was super intendent Minneapolis City Mission Society and became associated with Dwight L. Moody in 1889 and served as superintendent of the Moody Bible Institute until 1908. In 1902-03 he made an evangelistic tour of the world. His life has been devoted to evangelistic work in many lands and he has written much on Bible subjects which have been translated in a score of languages.

TORREy BOTANICAL CLUB, a bo tanical society in New York which is the most important organization of its kind in America, and one of the six scientific societies affiliated in the Scientific Alliance. The club was an out growth of a former club, chartered in 1871. This band met in the herbarium of Columbia College, "drawn there by the genial welcome and wide botanical knowedge of its presiding spirit, Dr. [John] Torrey," -and was the nucleus of the present club, finally organized under its present name, complimentary to Dr. Torrey, in

1873. Dr. Torrey was the first president, but, unfortunately, died almost immediately.

The Torrey Club is the centre of botanical interest in New York, and the neighborhood, and is especially valuable for its weekly ex cursions that may be joined by any botanist, and which take parties out to good botanizing localities under intelligent guidance. Many local floras have been compiled by members of the club, one of the most important of which is that of Dr. Britton and others, 'The Pre liminary Catalogue of Anthophyta and Pterido phyta growing within 100 miles of New York.' The valuable herbarium of the club includes the material for this list, and specimens of the flora, within the same area. It is now depos ited at the New York Botanical Garden, which was originated and developed by members of this society. The club issues three regular pub lications, namely: Bulletin, a very scientific and widely known journal; Torreyo, of more popu lar scope; and Memoirs, which include many valuable monographs.