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UNDERVIZAR Value Shirts. pants, vests, etc ;13,615,000 Fancy hosiery (including cardigans, sweaters, etc.) 4,525,000 Hose, half hose, etc 22,040,000 Other hosiery 860,000 Gloves (cotton, wool, silk, etc.) 2,150,000 Entire quantity of hose made in 1907 , 72,045,000 England's exports were: 1916 1917 Cotton piece goods $443,939,450 $564.052,485 Other cottons 74,175,115 78,434,900 Wool manufactures 234.528,245 264,238,370 Silk 12,030,590 10,090,280 Other manufactured fabrics 79,089.715 84,719,850 In 1840 Germany had 658,358 spindles work ing which grew by 1860 to about 2,000,000. A recent report gave her 10,920,426 spindles for cotton spinning. In Crefeld, the centre of Germany's silk industry, were at last reports (1914) 65 factories making silk cloths and 28 factories producing velvets. The total Ger man silk product has been estimated at about $29,013,833.

According to the last statistics available France had 7,500,000 cotton spindles. These were chiefly located, before the war, at Lille, Roubaix, Tourcoing, Epinal, Saint Die, and in Normandy, at Rouen, etc. They employed about 130 power looms and 40,000 hand. Her silks were chiefly produced at Lyons for high quality goods. Silks of fine quality were also made at Saint Etienne and in Picardy. The Lyons industry employed from 85,000 to 90,000 operatives on over 20,000 power looms. They

produced 2,500,000 kilograms of wrought silk and 1,000,000 kilograms raw silk. Production follows : Products valued at Lyons 409,000.000 fr. $81,800,000 Saint Etienne 8,205,000 1,641,000 Picardy 4,600,000 920,000 in all about $84,361,000.

Foreign Erigland's textile opera tives are supplied with technical training in such schools as Bolton Technical School, Brad ford Municipal Technical College, Coventry Municipal Technical Institute, Halifax Munic ipal Technical School, Huddersfield Technical College, Keighley Institute, Yorkshire College at Leeds, Oldham Mutual Technical School, Rochdale Municipal Technical School, Salford Royal Technical Institute, etc. Germany has textile schools at Aix-la-Chapelle, Crefeld, Cottbus, Falkenburg, Muhlheim-on-Rhine, Ber lin, Chemnitz, Muhlhaus, etc. In France tech nical education for the textile industries is given at Elbeuf, Tourcoing, Roubaix, Saint Etienne, Lyons, Flers, Sedan, Bohain. In Austria are textile schools at Asch, Schoen berg, Warnsdorf, Ruthenberg, etc. In Switzer land are textile schools at Wattwyl, Zurich, etc. In Italy we find such at Prato, Arguno, etc.