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TATARS, or TARTARS, a nomadic peo ple anciently spoken of a.s Scythians, known for their incursions and conquests among neighbor ing nations over a wide extent of terntory ; their local seat being found both in ancient and mod ern times in the steppes or uncultivated regions which connect Europe and Asia, as well as on the north of China, in Turkestan and on the shores of the Caspian and Black seas. Tartar, Tatar or Ta-ta appears to have been the name of a tribe of Mongols who occupied about the 9th century a district of Chinese Tartary on the upper Amur. This tribe was disPersed by the attacks of neighboring. Mongols, and carry ing the terror of its arms ui different directions its name came to be applied by the Chinese to various hordes of Mongol robbers. The true Tatars formed part of the horde of Genghis Khan, when that conqueror carried his arms from the country known as Chinese Tartary to Europe, and through some accidental circum stance the name carne to be applied to the whole Mongol horde, as well as to the successive hordes of similar origin who followed in their footsteps, and to the districts from which they came, or in which they settled; hence the names of Chinese Tana% Independent Tartary (see TURKESTAN) and k..uropean or Little Tartary,

comprising most of the Russian govemments of Orenburg, Astrakhan, Ekatesinoslav, the Cos saxk provinces and the Crimea. For the incur sions and conquests of these peoples see GENGHIS KHAN ; MONGOLIA ; RUSSIA, etc. The name Tatar has, for reasons similar to those already given, been long applied in Europe to the Manchu conquerors of China. The Man chus are Tatars in the generic sense of the term. See MANCHURIA.