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TEKELI, or TOKOLY, Emmerich, COUNT or, Hungarian noble: b. about the middle of the 17th century; d. Nico media, Asia Minor, 1705. His father had headed an insurrectionary movement against Austria and he himself was chosen by the Hun garians in 1678 their commander-in-chief. He broke into Upper Hungary, captured several fortresses and towns, devastated Moravia and penetrated into Upper Austria. The emperor consented to redress several grievances at the Diet of Oedenburg (1681) ; but the insurgents were not satisfied and refused to lay down their arms. Tekeli now put himself under the protection of the Sultan Mohammed IV, by whom he was declared king of Hungary. A war between the emperor and the Porte ensued in which the Turks advanced (1683) as far as Vienna, but were totally defeated before that city by John Sobieski, king of Poland (12 Sept. 1683). The count continued the war, but with out success. He fell under the suspicion of the Turks, who sent him a prisoner to Adrianople (1685). Meanwhile his wife was besieged by

the Austrians in the castle of Munkacs, where she held out for three years, until she was com pelled by famine to surrender (January 1688). The Turks discovered the groundlessness of their suspicions of Tekeli and he once more re ceived the support of the sultan, who designated him prince of Transylvania. He penetrated into that country and routed the imperial gen eral (1690) ; but in the same year he was com pelled by Louis, margrave of Baden, to retire. He continued in all the struggles between Aus tria and Turkey till 1697, when the Peace of Carlovitz was concluded, in which Turkey re nounced the cause of the Hun rians. Tekeli then retired to the dominions of the sultan, who conferred upon him several estates, with the title of prince of Widdin.