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secretary, german and munich

UHDE, Fritz von, German historical and genre painter: b. Wolkenburg, Saxony, 22 May 1848; d. 1911. For a while a student in the Dresden Academy, he left the institution to enter the Saxon army, in which he fought dur ing the Franco-Prussian War and became cap tain of cavalry. He resumed art at Munich (1877), but soon went to Paris, where he was a pupil of Munkicsy. After a period of genre work in the old Dutch style, he turned to sacred subjects, abandoning modern artistic traditions in that field and presenting his themes in a contemporary guise, somewhat after the fashion of the medimval painters. This, together with a certain dullness of composition, long pre vented the recognition in many ways due him. His pictures, however, found their way into many German galleries; he obtained several distinctions, including a Munich professorship; and his ideas influenced considerably the trend of German art. Among his works are 'Come Lord Jesus, Be Our Guest' (1885; National Gallery, Berlin) ; 'The Last Supper> (1886) ; 'The Sermon on the Mount> (1887) ; 'The Organ-Grinder's Arrival' (1883) ; 'Drum-Prac tice (1883) ; a 'Last Supper' (1897) for the Stuttgart Museum; 'Richard III) ; 'The Ascen sion) (1898) 'Woman, Why Weepest Thou?' (1900), for the Vienna Museum; and 'Going Home' (1908). Consult the monograph by Von

Ostini (1902) ; Rosentrogen in Klassiker der Kunst (Stuttgart 1908).

UHL, ool, Edwin Fuller, American diplo mat : b. Rush, N. Y., 14 Aug. 1841; d. Grand Rapids, Mich., 17 May 1901. He removed with his parents to Michigan in 1844, was graduated from the University of Michigan in 1862 and was admitted to the bar in 1864. He was prose cuting attorney for Washtenaw County in 1871 72 and in 1876 removed to Grand Rapids, where he engaged in law practice until his election as mayor of that city in 1890. He was re elected in 1891 and in 1893 he was appointed Assistant Secretary of State. While de facto Secretary of State during theillness of Secretary Gresham he was entrusted with the arbitration of the boundary dispute between Brazil and the Argentine Republic. He was Ambassador to Germany in 1896-97 and then resumed his law practice.