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ludwig, der and stuttgart

UHLAND, oolant, Johann Ludwig, Ger man lyric poet: b. Tiibingen, 26 April 1787; d. there, 13 Nov. 1862. He studied jurisprudence at Tiibingen and was for a time an advocate at Stuttgart, subsequently giving his attention to linguistic pursuits. His earliest poetry dates from 1800 and the first collection of his poems appeared in 1815. In this year also he began to attract attention as a patriotic song-writer in connection with the political changes of the day, particularly those affecting his native state of Wurttemberg, 'Vaterlandische Gedichte' ap pearing in 1816. In 1818 his tragedy, 'Ernst, Herzog von Schwaben,' appeared, and in 1819 another drama, 'Ludwig der His fame, however, rests on his songs and ballads, several of which are among the most renowned in Ger man literature, and are well known in Eng lish through translations by Longfellow. In 1819 he was elected by his native town of Tiibin gen, and later by Stuttgart, to the assembly of the states of Wurttemberg, and in 1830 was ap pointed extraordinary professor of German languages and literature at Tiibingen, but re signed this appointment in 1833 to take his place as a representative in the assembly. In

1848 the electoral circle of Tubingen elected him their representative in the German Na tional Assembly. Among his antiquarian works are 'Veber das altfranzosische Epos' (1812); Weber Walther von der Vogelweide) (1822) ; (Ueber den Mythus der Nordischen Sagenlehre vom Thor' (1836) ; 'Alte hoch-und nieder deutsche Volkslieder> (1844-45; 3d ed., 1892). Consult the edition of his scientific works ed ited by Holland, Keller and Pfeiffer as 'Scrip ten zur Geschichte der Dichtung and Sage' (1865-72) and the several editions of his poeti cal works entitled 'Gedichte und, Dramen.) An edition of his poems, together with his life, was published at Stuttgart in 1863. Consult Bernherdt, "Uhlands politische Betatig-ung) (1910) ; Hartmann, A., 'Ludwig Uhland' (Stuttgart 1913) ; Jahn, 'Ludwig Uhland' (1863) ; Notter, 'Ludwig Uhland' (1863) ; 'Ludwig Uhlands Leben, von seiner Witwe) (1874) ; Fischer, 'Ludwig Uhland) (1887) ; Diederich, als Dichter und Patriot> (Gotha 1886) ; Paulus, 'Ludwig Uhland und seine Heimat' (1887).