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Union College

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UNION COLLEGE, located at College View, a suburb of Lincoln, Neb. It is a part of the school system of the Seventh-day Ad ventists; the site was chosen in 1890, and the college opened to students in 1891. It is avow edly denominational and observes the Sabbath on the seventh day (Saturday). It is open to both men and women. It offers two regular college courses leading to degrees, the literary and scientific, and confers the degrees of A.B. and B.S. A limited amount of elective work in advanced courses is allowed in the senior year. There is also an academic course of four years, and a number of special courses, includ ing the ministerial course (three years), the advanced normal course (three years), the ele mentary normal course, preparatory medical course, preparatory nurses' course, commercial course, phonography course and a German Biblical and a Scandinavian course, the two last mentioned being especially designed to train missionary workers among Germans and Scan dinavians. Instruction is also given in music

and art. In 1902 it was decided that manual training should be required of every student. Instruction and practice work are given in printing, broornmaking, carpentering, black smithing, metal working, electrical work, tailor ing, sewing and cooking. The Central Advance (a denominational paper), a German and a Scandinavian paper are printed at the college shop. The campus consists of 22 acres on ele vated ground; the chief buildings are the main building and the dormitories or homes. The library contains over 6,000 volumes; the students in all courses number about 550, with a faculty averaging 25 members.