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UNITED STATES AND MACEDO NIAN, Battle of, in the War of 1812. On 8 Oct. 1812 Stephen Decatur (q.v.) sailed from Boston with his frigate United States (rated as a 44 but carrying 32 long 24's and 22 short 42's) and on 25 October was chased by the British frigate Macedonian (rated as a 38 hut carrying 28 long 18's. 18 short 32's, 1 long 12 and 2 long 9's), Capt. John S. Carden. The long 24's on the broadside of the United States so out v.eighed the long 18's of the Macedonian's broadside that 10 minutes after the battle began the scene on the Macedonian was in describably confused and horrible. Carden then bore down to engage in close fighting, but the carronades of the American vessel got into play and worked fearful havoc, shooting away the masts and rigging and silencing many of the guns of the British frigate. At 11 o'clock the United States passed out of range to refill cartridges and re pair a few minor injuries, whereupon the Brit ish crew, believing the Americans had given up the fight, set a union jack and gave three cheers. But the United States soon resumed the fight, taking a raking position across the stern of her defenseless foe, and at 11.15 com

pelled her to strike, just an hour and a half after the action began. The Macedonian lost 104 killed and wounded and the United States 12. Decatur sent thejfacedonian to New Lon don the only British frigate ever brought as a prize into an American port and she was later sent to New York where, after re airs, J she was placed under command of Capt. Jacob Jones (q.v.) of the Wasp (q.v.). At City Island, New York, her cabin and other portions of the ship now form part of the Macedonia Inn. Con sult State Papers, Naval Affairs' (Vol. I, pp. 280-281) ; Barnes, James, Actions of the War of 1812? (pp. 59-70); Brady, C. T., of Stephen Decatur> (pp. 72-84); James, William, (Naval Actions> (pp. 18-21) ; Maclay, E. S., 'History of the Navy> (Vol. I, pp. 374-391) ; Mahan, A. T., 'War of 1812> (Vol. I, pp. 416-422); Roosevelt, 'Naval War of 1812> (p. 109 et seq); Spears, J. R., 'History of Our Navy' (Vol. II, pp. 120-151) ; Waldo, S. P., 'Life of Decatur' (pp. 189-196) ; Wiley and Rines, 'The United States' (Vol. V, pp. 466-468).