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United States

war, civil, finances and party

UNITED STATES, a federal republic composed of States, Territories, one district and colonies (see BOUNDARIES, vrc.). The official title is The United States of America." Used in the singular °The United States" is in gen eral acceptance as the name of the country; and its citizens are universally known as "Ameri cans* to the exclusion of all other inhabitants of the Western Continents. The Republic origi nated in the rebellion of the British colonies of North America, Canada excepted, in 1776, and in the Declaration of Independence the 13 colonies in revolt- styled themselves °The Thirteen United States of America." In the present work the order and scope of the articles on the United States are indicated by the fol lowing main topics: I. Boundaries, etc. 30. Efforts to Settle the 2. General Outline History Slavery Question.

(1776-1920). . 31. Causes of the Civil War.

3. Causes of the Revolution. 32. Secession.

4. The American Revolu- 33. Military Events of the lion (Military Events). Civil War.

5. The Declaration of Inde- 34. The Confederacy. pendence. 35. The Political Events of 6. The American Revolu- the Civil War. Lion (Diplomatic Con- 36. Finances (1861-1919). ditions during the War 37. Reconstruction.

and the Peace Negotia- 38. The Thirteenth Four dons). teenth and Fifteenth 7. Articles of Confederation. Amendments to the S. The Formation of State Constitution.

Constitutions. 39. The War with Spain.

9. The Peopling of the 40. Territorial Expansion.

United States. 41. State Constitutions.

10. Finances (1775-1789). 42. Immigration (1789 11. The Federal Convention 1916).

of 1787. 43. Suffrage.

12. Beginnings of Party Or- 44. Civil and Religions Lib giuurstion and Growth erty.

of the Party System 45. Disputed Elections. and Party Machinery. 46. Impeachment.

13. The Colonial and Terri- 47. The President's Office.

tonal Systems. 48. The Vice-Presidency.

14. The Cabinet. 49. Speaker of the House of IS. The Alien and Sedition Representatives.

Laws. 50. History of Arbitration.

16. The Judiciary. 51. Growth and Develop 17. Diplomacy. meat of Law.

18. The War with France. 52. Railroad Transportation.

19. The Louisiana Purchase. 53. Foreign Commerce.

20. Causes of the War of 54. Industrial and Commer 1812. vial Development.

21. The War of 1812. SS. Army of the United 22. Finances States.

23. Westward Movement. 56. Navy of the United 24. The New Democracy and States.

the Spoils System. 57. Chronological History of 2.5. Annexation of Texas. the United States 26. The Abolition and Free Navy.

Soil Movements. 58. Political Parties.

27. The Mexican War. Policy.

2.5. Slavery. 60. The United States and 29. Finances the European War.

Appended to these articles will be found adequate cross references to much material which has been singled out for more extensive treatment under separate headings.