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University of South Carolina

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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, the State college located at Columbia, S. C., chartered in 1801, and first opened in 1805. In July 1863 the college was closed on account of the Civil War, many students having enlisted in the Confederate army, and the buildings were used as a hospital by the Confederate gov ernment. The charter was amended in 1865, departments of medicine and law added, and the name changed to the University of South Carolina; the unsettled political condition of the State led to the closing of the institution a sec ond time in 1877. The next year the charter was again altered, and the university divided into two branches, South Carolina College at Columbia and Claflin College at Orangeburg (the latter for colored students) ; the branch at Columbia was opened in 1880 as the South Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. In 1882 several new departments were added and Agriculture and Mechanic Arts° dropped from the name; the Law School was added in 1884. In 1887 the charter was changed for the third time, the name of University of South Carolina again adopted, and a College of Pharmacy, Graduate Department and Normal School added. In 1890 there was a fourth re organization, the agricultural, mechanical, medi cal and normal courses were discontinued, and the name changed to South Carolina College. In 1894 normal courses were added to the cur riculum. The college now offers the following

courses: (1) Four courses: classical, Latin science, Latin-literature, and modern literature, leading to the degree of A.B.; (2) two courses: mathematical, physical and chemical-biological, leading to the degree of B.S., also special courses in civil and mechanical engineering by the addition of certain studies to the mathemati cal physical course leading to the degree C.E.; (3) three normal courses, one of four years, leading to the degree of A.B., one of three years and a special course of two years; (4) a two-year course in the Law School, leading to the degree of LL.B., and (5) a graduate course for the degree of A.M. The work of the last two years of the A.B. and B.S. courses is partially elective. The special normal course is strictly professional and includes practice work. There are also normal courses for teach ers given in the spring. There are 12 scholar ships, besides State scholarships for each county for normal students. The library in 1916 con tained about 50,000 volumes; the students num bered 578 and the faculty 3& In 1906 the in stitution was reorganized under the title Uni versity of South Carolina. The schools as then established were Arts, Science, Teachers' Grad uate, Law.