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University of Southern Cal Ifornia

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UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CAL IFORNIA, located at Los Angeles. It was established in 1879 and first opened to students the following year. The institution is under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Men and women are admitted on equal terms. The organization includes nine colleges, i.e., Liberal Arts, Physicians and Surgeons, Law, Dentistry, Theology, Pharmacy, Oratory, Fine Arts and Music; a School of Education; a University High School. In the College of Liberal Arts there are offered undergraduate courses in 21 major subjects, all of which lead to the A.B. degree. There are also offered four-year courses in electrical and civil engi neering, leading to the degree of B.S. The degrees of A.M. and M.S. are offered in the graduate department. The courses in the other colleges lead to the usual degrees in professional subjects. Under authority from the State Board of Education the university is empow ered to grant the High School Teachers Recom mendation upon the completion of the required graduate work in the School of Education.

The university campus comprises about 15 acres well located in the south central part of the city and accessible by ample car service. The colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, Den tistry, Law, Music and Fine Arts at present occupy buildings in other parts of the city. A recently completed endowment campaign for one million dollars has placed the available resources at nearly two millions. New build ings are projected which will be erected as soon as war conditions will permit. The library contains 35,000 volumes, the City Public Library and the County Law Library are also available for student use. In 1917-18 the faculty num bered 378 while the enrolment of the student body was 4,096.