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college, department and church

URSINUS (er-srnils) COLLEGE, located at Collegeville, Pa. It was incorporated in 1869, and was first opened to students in 1870; Free land Seminary, whore property was purchased for the college, was incorporated into the col lege as its preparatory department; in 1871 a theological department was organized. The college is non-sectarian in its control, the board of directors being self-perpetuating; it is, however, affiliated with the Reformed Church in the United States, and the theo logical professors are ministers of that church. The organization of the college includes the College Department, the Academy, the School of Theology and the Summer Sessions. The School of 'Theology has been located in Phila delphia since 1898. The College Department offers six groups of studies, leading to the degree of A.B. the groups are the classical, the Latin-mathematical, the mathematical physical, the chemical-biological, the historical political, and the modern language. The de

gree of A.M. is conferred for graduate work. In the School of Theology the regular course occupies three years; the curriculum, in addi tion to the ordinary theological curriculum, in cludes a lecture course in Sunday-school work, a complete course in the English Bible, a special course in the history of the Reformed Church, and a course in sociology; graduate courses are offered leading to the degree of B.D. The Summer Session offers courses of secondary and collegiate grade, work in the latter counting toward a degree. Women are admitted to all departments except the theo logical. The students in all departments in 1917 numbered 202, and the instructors 18, while the productive funds were $236,000, and the total income $72,475. There are 597 graduates at this date.