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valla and latin

VALLE), an Italian humanist: b. Rome, 1407; d. there, 1 Aug. 1457. He studied Greek and Latin under Brum and Arispa, took orders in 1431 and was appointed professor in the Uni versity of Pavia the same year. Subsequently ffi to 1433 he held the same office in Milan, Genoa and Florence, and in 1442 became secretary to Alfonso V of Naples. Pope Nicholas V sum moned him to Rome and made him secretary and apostolic writer (1447) ; and he passed his remaining years in translating from the Greek, and in furious literary feuds with Poggio, Trapezuntios and others among his compeers. He was a born controversialist and reckless in the utterance of his views. He condemned moral standards of ecclesiastical asceticism in his (De Voluptate Dialogus' (1431); he as sailed the scholastic logic of the Middle Ages in his (Repastinatio Dialectices' ; the use of unclassical words and idioms in Latin writing was criticized in his Latini Ser monis) (1471) ; and the claims of the papacy to temporal dominion were attacked in his We Falso Credita et Mentita Constantini Donatione Declamatio) (1440). He wrote numerous other

tractates of a destructively critical character, and made himself especially obnoxious to the professors of the current theology by his