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Van Dyke

princeton and united

VAN DYKE, Henry (Jackson), American Presbyterian clergyman and author: b. German town, Pa., 10 Nov. 1852. He was graduated at Princeton (1873), the Princeton Theological Seminary (1877) and the University of Berlin (1878) was pastor of the United Congrega tional Church of Newport, R. I. in and of the Brick Presbyterian I., New York, from 1883 until his resignation in 1900 to become professor of English literature in Princeton University. He was moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States in 1902-03. He became favorably known as both preacher and popular lecturer, and in addition to publishing several works of religious character contributed much also to general literature. In 1908 he deliverejl a course of lectures at the University of Paris. He went to the Netherlands as United States Minister in 1913. He resigned in 1917 and re turned to Princeton. The titles of his volumes

include 'The Reality of Religion' (1883); 'The Story of the Psalms' (1887) ; 'The Poetry of Tennyson) (1889; 5th rev. ed., 1894); 'Lit tle Rivers> (1895), a collection of essays; 'The Gospel for an Age of Doubt' (1896); Builders and Other Poems' (1897); 'Ships and Havens' (1897) ' 'The Lost Word) (1898) , 'Fisherman's Luck> (1899) (The Toiling of Felix, and Other Poems) (1400); 'The Poetry of the Psalms' (1900) (The Blue Flower;) short stories (1902); 'The School of Life' (1905); (Days Off) (1907) ; (Out of Doors in the Holy Land> (1908); 'Le Genie de l'Amerique' (1909); Poems) (1911); 'The Unknown Quantity) (1912); (Grand Can yon' (1914); 'The Valley of Vision' (1919) ; (The Broken Soldier and the Maid of France> (1919).