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discovery and voyage

VANCOUVER, George, English naviga tor: b. 1758; d. Petersham, Surrey, 10 May 1798. He was appointed to the Resolution by Capt. James Cook in the autumn of 1771 and on his re turn from a voyage around the world (1772-74) assisted in the equipment of the Discovery and as midshipman accompanied Cook on his last voyage to the North Pole, which was concluded in October 1780. During the following decade he was promoted and 1 Jan. 1790 he was ap pointed to the Discovery, built for exploration in the South Sea, but the Nootka Sound dis pute caused the abandonment of the project and Vancouver was placed in command of the Courageux, one of the °Spanish On 15 Dec. 1790 he was promoted to commander and assigned to the Discovery. It was then de cided to dispatch an officer to Nootka Sound "to receive back in form the territory which the Spaniards had seized," also to make an ac curate survey of the coast northward from the 30th degree and to ascertain if there were a northwest passage. He sailed in the Discovery

1 April 1791, touched at the Cape of Good Hope and surveyed the coasts of New Zealand and Australia, discovering and naming King George's Sound, Mount Gardner, Cape Hood and other points. He then went north and received the formal surrender of Nootka and spent the three summers of 1792-94 in surveying the American coast as far north as Cook's Inlet, wintering at the Sandwich Islands. On his return voyage he visited the chief Spanish settlements on the west coast of South America and reached Eng land in 1795. On 28 Aug. 1794 he was raised to the rank of post captain. Consult Newcombe, C. F., •First Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island' (Victoria 1914).