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VANDERLIP, Frank Arthur, American banker: b. Aurora, Ill., 17 Nov. 1864. His boy hood was spent on a farm, and after a country school education he became an apprentice in a machine shop of his native town. He studied stenography nights and next was employed as reporter on a local newspaper. He was for some time student at the University of Illinois and the Chicago University. He was succes sively reporter and financial editor on the Chi cago Tribune (1890-94) ; associate editor of the Chicago Economist (1894-97). He became private secretary to Lyman Gage, Secretary of the Treasury, 4 March 1897, but his knowledge of finance and his executive ability were quickly noted and on 1 June of the same year President McKinley appointed him Assistant Secretary of the He resigned this office in 1901 to become vice-president of the National City Bank of New York, of which he has been president since January 1909. In 1901

Vanderlip visited Europe to study financial and industrial conditions. and in 1902 he went as delegate to the International Conference of Commerce and Industry, held at Ostend, Bel gium. He is identified with many financial and commercial enterprises. Shortly after the entry of the United States into the World War he was made chairman of the War Savings Com mittee, and in September 1917 he was appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury McAdoo to conduct the sale of War Savings Certifi cates. He has written 'The American Com mercial Invasion of Europe' (1902) ; 'Busi ness and Education' (1907) ; 'Modern Bank ing' (1911) ; 'Business and Politics' (1915) ; Banking" of the section BANKS AND BANKING in this Encyclopedia; also many important papers on finance and economics.