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poems, volume and sparks

VAUGHAN, Henry, Welsh poet: b. New ton, parish of Llansaintfraed, Brecknockshire, 17 April 1622; d. there, 23 April 1695. He was styled °The Silurist," because his native region was among the Silures, or folk of South Wales. He was educated at Jesus College, Oxford, and practised medicine with much success and reputation first at Brecknock and later at New ton. He was imprisoned for his loyalty at the Revolution, and he was present at the battle of Rowton Heath — as surgeon with the royalist army. His first volume was

(1678) various elegies, translations and other productions as 'Thalia Rediviva> ; and Vaughan also published some books of prose, among them 'The Mount of Olives) (1652), a work of devotion. He abounds in occasionally felici tous phrases and lines — like, as he said, sun anticipated sparks from a flinty ground.* A few of his poems have been given by critics a very high place in literature. He was practi cally unknown until H. F. Lyte edited the sacred poems in 1847. A complete edition of his works is that of Grosart (1871) ; of the poems, that of Chambers (1896). Consult the memoirs in these editions; also the essay in Brown, (Flom Subsecivm> (Series I, 1858). •