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consonant, greek and letter

UZZIAH, or AZARIAH, king of Judah (792-740 a.c.). Sec AZARIAH.

the English alphabet, the 22d letter and the 17th consonant. V and U were originally one and used indis criminately for the representation of the vowel a and the consonant v or w. The form V was derived by the Latins from the very ancient Greek alphabets, in which the Greek upsilon ('1') was so written. In classical Greek upsilon always is a vowel, never a consonant. The classical Greek had no sign for the consonant V of the Latins: hence when a Latin word or name containing this conso nant was transliterated into Greek the v was represented either by the digraph ov (ou) or by the letter /3 (which, in the Cyrillic alphabet and in modern Greek, represents the consonant v; examples: Lat. Varro, Gr.Ovappiov; Lat. Vir gilius, Gr. Binaon). Our v is a labiodental consonant ; but our w is a labial only: which of these best represents the ancient Latin con sonant V? The weight of authority among modern phonologists is in favor of the theory that the Latin consonant v was a labial differ ing but little, if at all, from our w. The Eng

lish letter v is produced by the junction of the lower lip and the upper teeth: its sound differs from that of f, which is articulated in a similar way, in being voiced while that of f is breathed: they are both continuous consonants and both belong to the class of spirants. It is worthy of note that nearly all the words in English that begin with v are derived from French or Latin. V is never the final letter of a word in English, though the final v-sound is common, as in live, thrive. The name "doubled') was given to the character w in times before the speciali zation of the form v as a consonant sign only instead of being the sign of the vowel u also. English v may be derived from Indo-Germanic bh or As an abbreviation v stands for vanadium, five or Latin vide "see . See the letter U, ALPHABET.