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CONWAY, Moncure Daniel, American clergyman and author: b. Stafford County, Va., 17 March 18.32; d. New York 1907. He was graduated at Dickinson College in 1849, entered the Methodist ministry in 1850, and later studied at the Harvard Divinity School. He had be come imbued with rationalistic ideas and at tempted to preach them on his return to Vir ginia, but was obliged to leave the State. He became pastor of a Unitarian church in Wash ington, D. C., but was obliged to leave this charge, owing to his opposition to slavery. He secured another pastorate in Cincinnati, and while there wrote several volumes and edited the Dial. In this periodical and later in The Commonwealth of Boston he earnestly advo cated emancipation, and in 1863 went to Eng land to explain the cause of the Civil War. From 1863 to 1884 he was minister at South Place Chapel in London, England, and again, 1892-97. He returned to America near the close of the century and made his home in New York. His published books include (Tracts for To-day> (1857); (The Rejected Stone> (1861); (The Golden Hour' (1862); (Testimonies Concerning Slavery' (1864); (The Earthward Pilgrimage' (1870); (Sacred Anthology) (edited) (1872) ; (Idols and Ideals) (1874) ; (Travels in South Kensington) (1875) ; (Demonology and Devil Lore' (1879); (The Wandering Jew) (1880); (Thomas Carlyle' (1881); 'Emerson at Home and Abroad) (1882); (George Washington and Mount Ver non' ; (Omitted Chapters of History Disclosed in the Life of Edmund Randolph' (1887); (Pine and Palm,' a novel (1887); (Life of Nathaniel Hawthorne) (1890) ; (Prisms of Air,) a novel (1891); (Life of Thomas Paine) (1892); (Barons of the Potomac and the Rap pahannock) (1892) ; (Centenary History of South Place Chapel> (1893); (Solomon and Solomonic Literature) (1899); (Autobiog raphy' (1904); (My Pilgrimage to the Wise Men of the East' (1906) ; (Addresses and Reprints, 1850-1907) (Boston 1909). He edited

the (Works of Thomas Paine' (1893-96).