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COOK, Albert Stanburrough, American scholar: b. Montville, N. J., 6 March 1853. He was graduated at Rutgers College 1872, and studied at Gottingen and Leipzig 1877-78, Lon don and Jena 1881-82. He was professor of English in the University of California 18E2-'99, when he became professor of the same in Yale University. He organized the department of English at the Johns Hopkins University (1879 81) ; brought the University of California into closer relations with the high schools of the State (1884-89); translated into English the first thoroughly scientific grammar of Old English; established a new standard of editing for Old English texts; laid a firm basis for the study of the Old Northumbrian dialect, the modem Scotch and Northern English; was in strumental in having the study of English texts, as distinct from reading and composition, made a national requirement for admission to college 1894; has specialized on the study of the Bible in English; has edited books on the criticism of poetry; was the first to edit a volume of Ginn's Athenaeum and Albion series and of Heath's Belles Lettres series, Old English division; founded the Concordance Society in 1906, of which he has ever since been president, and edited (Concordance to Gray' (1908), (Con cordance to Beowulf) (1910); was president of the Modern Language Association of America 1897; has edited a series of 55 volumes, 'Yale Studies in English); has established a probable date for the two chief Runic monuments of Great Britain Date of the Ruthwell and Bewcastle Crosses,) 1912); has published a Middle English Reader) (1915); a translation of Sievers (Old English Grammar) (1::5). His publications further include (The

Phonological Investigation of Old English' (1888); Bible and English Prose Style) (1892) ; Art of Poetry) (1892); (First Book in Old (1894; 3d ed., 1903); Artistic Ordering of Life) (1898); Quotations in Old English Prose (1904, 1913) ; Study of Eng lish' (1906); (Concordance to Beowulf' (1910) and has founded two prizes in poetry, one at Yale University and the other at the University of California.