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COROT, Jean-Baptiste-Camille, French landscape painter: b. Paris, 28 July 1796; d. there, 22 Feb. 1875. Against the wishes of his family he studied art, first under Michallon, next under Victor Bertin, and then passed a year or two in Italy. In 1827 he first exhibited in the Salon, but it was not till nearly 20 years afterward that his genius in landscape painting was generally recognized. The last 25 years of his life were spent in affluent circum stances (his professional income being im mense, and his father's death having brought him a large fortune) and in the happiness en gendered by success. In 1867 he was made an officer of the Legion of Honor. Skilful as a figure-painter, it was in landscape that Corot excelled. He was a diligent student of nature, whose aspect he idealized on canvas with no profusion of color, but in sober tints of brown, pale-green and silver-grays. He was pre-emi nently successful inpainting scenes in the faint lights of dawn and twilight, behind a trans parent veil of mist, the early rays glinting through dense foliage, mirrored in sparkling water. There is a sameness in Corot's work which forbids him the very highest rank, but within his own province he was inimitable. Among his works may be mentioned (Danse des nymphes) (1851) ; Martyrdom of Saint Se bastian' (1853) ; 'Morning' (1855); (1870) ; (Pleasures of Evening' (1875); and (Danse des amours.' The Bos

ton Art Museum contains his (Dante and Virgil' ; the Metropolitan Museum in New York his d'Avray,' and there are various other works by him in public and private Amer ican galleries. Consult Blanc, (Les artistes de mon temps' (1879) ; Bigot, Ch., (Peintres francais contemporains: Corot' (Paris 1888); Claretie, Jules, (Peintres et sculpteurs contem porains: Corot' (ib. 1884) ; Moore, Geo., 'Ingres and Corot in Modern Painting' (Lon don 1893) ; Geoffroy, A. (Corot and Millet' (New York 1903); Gensel, and Troyon' (Bielefeld 1906) ; Meynell, (Corot and his Friends' (New York 1910) ; Rousseau, mille Corot' (ib. 1884) ; Robaut, Alfred, (London 1907) ; Van Dyke, French Masters' (New York 1896).