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secretary and president

CORTELYOU, George Bruce, American cabinet officer: b. New York, 26 J 1862. He was graduated from the Long Is land, Institute, 1879 and the State Normal School, Westfield, Mass., 1832. Between 1883 and 1885 he was a general law and verbatim reporter in New York; and a teacher 1885 to 1889, when he entered the public service. He was private secretary to various Federal officials in New York 1889-95; was appointed stenog rapher to the President November 1895; exeo utive clerk February 1896; assistant secretary 1898 and became secretary to President Mc ICinley 1 May 1900. President Roosevelt con tinued him in this office until 1903 when he became Secretary of Commerce and Labor. On 6 March 1905 he became Postmaster-General and on 4 March 1907, Secretary of the Treasury.

1909 he became president of the Consolidated as Company.

CORTERREAL, Gasper, Portuguese navigator: b. about 1450; cl. about

1502. In 1500 he was appointed by the king of Portugal to command an expedition to explore the northern coasts of North America. He sailed from the Tagus in 1500 with two ships, ranged the shores of the country afterward called Canada and freighted his ships with 57 Indians, whom on his return he sold as slaves; and the name Labrador (laborer), afterward transferred to a more northern region, is a memorial of his visit. Soon after he set sail from Lisbon on a second voyage to the same regions, but never returned. His brother Miguel, who sailed in search of him in 1502, was never afterward heard from. King Manuel sent an expedition to learn their fate but in vain. Consult Harrisse, 'Les Corterreal et leurs voyages au noveau monde' (Paris 1883).