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CORTHELL, Elmer Lawrence, American engineer: b. South Abington (now Whitman), Mass., 30 Sept. 1840; d. Albany, N. Y., 16 May 1916. He was educated at Phillips Exeter Academy and at Brown University. In his second year at Brown University the Rebellion broke out and he enlisted in the First Regiment, Rhode Island Light Artillery, rising from private to captain during the war. Then he re-entered Brown, obtaining successfully the degrees of B.A., M.A., and in 1894 Sc.D. He took up engineering work, mainly in the Mis sissippi Valley. After engaging in railroad and bridge construction requiring great skill, he was associated in 1875 with James B. Eads in build ing the jetties at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Among the many engineering projects in which he participated were the planning with Captain Eads of the ship railway across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec; the building of sev eral large bridges over the Missouri, Ohio and other rivers; the opening of the Amazon River and the designing of the harbor works at Tam pico, which raised that port to the first rank in Mexico and which he considered his greatest feat. He was consulting engineer of the De

partrrient of Public Works in the Argentine government from 1900 to 1902, represented that country and the United States in various gineering and navigation congresses of an in ternational character, and was a member of the advisory board of consulting engineers for the New York barge canal. Besides being president of the American Institute of Consulting En gineers and of the Society of Civil Engineers he belonged to almost every engineering society of importance in the world and to various patriotic organizations. Consult 'History of the Mississippi Jetties' (1880) 'Report on Brussels Navigation Congress)(1848) ; 'Maritime Com merce of the World) (1898); 'Some Ports of the World) (1901) ; 'Argentine, Past, Present and Future) (1903); 'Allowable Pressure on Deep Foundations' (1907) ' 'Engineering and Commercial Conditions and Problems in Latin America) (1911).