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humboldt, physical and phenomena

COSMOS. In the four volumes of

ments to the study of nature and a history of the physical sciences; VoI. III (1850, III and IV of the English translation) the results of observations of cosmic phenomena; Vol. IV (1858, Vol. V of the English translation) those of telluric phenomena. Parts of an un finished fifth volume appeared in 1862. The style of 'Cosmos) is at times labored. One feels that Humboldt is not quite expressing his own conception of the dignity of his theme; but his descriptions of South American scenes are often powerful and his imaginative gener alizations illuminating. The successive volumes of 'Cosmos' were translated on their appear ance into most European languages. A Ger man edition commemorating the Humboldt cen tenary was issued in. Philadelphia in 1869. The influence of 'Cosmos' not alone on scientific thought but on the popular attitude toward science has been very great. Consult Stoddard, R. H. 'Life Travels and Books of Alexander von Humboldt) (1860).