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COUES, kowz, Elliott, American natural ist: b. Portsmouth, N. H., 9 Sept. 1842; d. Balti more, 26 Dec. 1899. In 1861 he was graduated from Colunibia University, Washington, D. C. and the year following entered the Unites{ States army as a medical cadet. His thorough work as assistant surgeon in the army, 1863-81, attracted attention, and for that and other serv ices he was brevetted captain. For some year+ he continued to practice surgery or teach its science; but he also continued to pursue the study of zoology, begun while in the university. In 1873 he was appointed surgeon and naturalist for the United States commission which defined the northern boundary. For three years he remained connected with this commission, and in addition gave some assistance to the Smith sonian Institution. In 1877 he was called by the Columbian University to take charge of a de partment of anatomy, and later was appointed by the Virginia Agricultural and College as professor of biology. He was asso ciate editor of 'The American Naturalist' and other periodicals; and edited, for the Century Dictionary, the departments of comparative an atomy, biology and zoology. He was one of

the founders of the American Ornithologists' Union, and an active member of many scientific societies in Europe and America. He was pres ident of the board of control of the American branch of the Theosophical Society of India. His last years were given chiefly to the sonian Institution. He has left a large number of valuable works on mammalogy and orni thology, sonic of which are 'Key to North American Birds' (1872) 'Field Ornithology' (1874) ; 'New Key to Nc:rth American Birds' ; 'Birds of the Northwest' (1874) cFur Bearing Animals' (1877) ; 'Birds of the 'Colorado Val (1878); 'New England Bird (1881); 'Check List of North American Birds' (1884); 'Bingen' (1884) ; 'The Dnmon of Darwin' (1884) ; 'Our Native Birds.' He edited the 'Journals) of Lewis and Clark in connection with his investigations the early ex ploration of the trans-Mississippt region.