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COURT, koor, Antoine, French Protestant clergyman : b. Villeneuve-de-Berg, Ardiche, France, 17 May 1696; d. Lausanne, Switzerland, 15 June 1760. He was one of the most promi nent Protestant leaders of his time and is commonly regarded as the restorer of the formed Church in France and the founder of the (Church of the Desert. At the age of 17 he began to address secret assemblies of per secuted Calvinists. Impressed by the fact that the only way to maintain the religion was by organization rather than by the inspiration of zealots, he devoted his life to the building up of regular churches in the various small cons munittes. To this end he summoned a synod of all the preachers in the Cevennes and lower Languedoc at Monoblet. A regular church syr. tem and rules were agreed upon. Pierre Conley received ordination at Zits' ick and by him Court was likewise ordained. Persecutions broke out

again in 1724, and Court fled to Lausanne (1730). There he labored incessantly for the founding of a college, of whidi he was the director and chief pillar for the rest of his life. From this college emanated the pastors of the Reformed Church of France. Court collected documents for a study of Protestantism in France, but his work was not completed and the materials are still preserved at Geneva. His best work is the 'Histoire des troubles des Cevennes ou de la guerre des (1760). His son was Antoine Court de Gebe lin (q.v.). Consult Hugues, 'Antoine Court) (1872) ; Baird, 'The Huguenots and the Revo cation of the Edict of Nantes) (1895); Peyrat, Napoleon, 'Histoire des pasteurs du desert) (1842; Eng. trans., 1852) ; Haag, E. and E, 'La France protestante) (Vol. IV, new ed., 18134).