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persons, gentlemen and ladies

COURT, Presentation at, a formal pres entation to the sovereign of Great Britain of persons whose official, social or intellectual standing entitles them to that honor. It takes place either at Saint James' Palace, at a levee, intended for gentlemen only, or at Buckingham Palace, a drawing-room, where both ladies and gentlemen appear. The days when levees and drawing-rooms are to be held are always an some time beforehand. It is difficult in the present day to define exactly who may and who may not be entitled to be presented. Members of families of the nobility and landed gentry, diplomats, members of the House of Commons, persons holding high offices under the Crown, judges, magistrates, Church digni taries, officers in the army and navy, persons who have attained eminence of any kind, for eign ambassadors, members of their staffs and strangers of distinction, and the wives and daughters of the same classes, form the larger number of those presented at levees and draw ing-rooms. Persons are often presented on en tering on some office or attaining some dignity.

Any one who has been once presented is entitled to appear at any future levee or drawing-room without a new presentation. The whole arrange ',tents connected with presentations are under the supervision of the lord chamberlain, in whose office in Saint James' Palace information is given to all persons wishing to be presented. The names of ladies andgentlemen desiring presentation, and of the ladies, noblemen and gentlemen who are to present them, have to be submitted to the sovereign for approval and there is a strict exclusion of persons of dam aged reputation, whatever their rank. Court dress or official uniform must be worn. A British subject who has been presented at Saint James' may on any after occasion claim to be presented by 'the British Minister at any for eign court. For information as to court dress both for ladies and gentlemen, court etiquette, court mourning, etc., consult Armytage, Hon. Mrs., 'Old Court Customs and Modern Court Rule' (London 1883).