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miles, city and water

CUMBERLAND, Md., city and the county seat of Allegany County, 150 miles southeast of Pittsburgh; 178 miles northwest of Baltimore; 152 miles northwest of Washington, D. C., is picturesquely located on the Potomac River, 632 feet above tide water. It is also on the main line of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the Western Maryland Railway, the Pennsylvania Railroad and other interurban railways and is at the head waters of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, which extends thence to George town, D. C. Cumberland is situated 11 miles from the noted Cumberland and George's Creek bituminous coal regions and is the shipping point for large quantities of this coal, con sidered the finest in the world for steaming purposes. Its manufactures are also consider able; they include large glass works, brick works, cement works, steel works, iron found ries, dye works, tanneries and numerous other enterprises. Here are located large rolling mills for the rerolling of steel rails and other ma terials of railway supplies, as well as large rail way car and repair shops, and large capital is invested in mercantile interests. Fort Cumber

land was built in the winter of the years 1754 55 at the beginning of the French and Indian War; on the site of the fort, Cumberland was laid out in 1785. It was incorporated in 1815 and became a city in 1850. The government of Cumberland is now by commission, composed of a mayor and four councilmen. This was the first city in Maryland to adopt this form. The proximity of Cumberland to Pittsburgh, Balti more and Washington led to much speculation as to the influence which this radical step would have on the government of those cities. Yet after six years' experience in which many im portant undertakings were carried to a suc cessful conclusion, such as a new gravity water supply, costing $750,000 which furnishes abun dance of the purest drinking water in the world to its entire population. A new sewerage and conduit system, paving of over 40 miles of street without any appreciable raise in tax rate has proven this form a success in this instance. Pop. 29,000.