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CUNLIFFE, John William, American educator: b. Bolton, Lancashire, England, 20 Jan. 1865. He was educated at the University of London and at Owens College, Manchester. He taught English literature at McGill Univer sity, Montreal, from 1899 to 1906, at Columbia University in 1906, and at the University of Wisconsin until 1912. He then became pro lessor of English and associate director of the school of journalism, Columbia University. He wrote

revised edition of the Warner Library (1917 18), and contributes to philological journals.

(Philip) Frederick, American editor, son of the late Sir Philip Cunliffe-Owen, K.C.B.: b. London, England, 30 Jan. 1855. Since 1889 he has been one of the editors of the New York Tribune; is vice president of the Pilgrims' Society of America, and director of Saint George's Society, New York. He is grand officer (with star) of the Order of Charles III of Spain; Osmanieh, Tur key; and commander of the Order of the Crown of Italy; commander of the Legion of Honor of France, and of Orange-Nassau, King dom of the Netherlands. He is a contributor to the Nineteenth Century, Fortnightly Review, the North American Review, and is author of a series of letters, signed Ex-Attache, Fontenoy, Veteran Diplomat.