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berlin, ernst and curtius

CURTISS, Samuel Ives, American Congre gationalist clergyman : l). Union, Conn., 5 Feb. 1844; d. London, England, 22 Sept. 1904. He was graduated at Amherst College 1867, and the Union Theological Seminary 1870; and was pastor of the American chapel in Leipzig 1874-78. In 1878 he was appointed professor of biblical literature in Chicago Thk Seminary, but changed later to the ch.,ir of Old Testament literature and interpretation. His publications include a translation of Bickell's Outlines of Hebrew Grammar' (1877) ; 'The Levitical Priests' (1877) ; translations of Delitzsclis 'Old Testament History of Redemption' (1881); 'Franz Delitzsch' (1890); 'Ezekiel and His Times' (in 'The Bible as Literature' (1896) ; Plea for a More Thorough Study of the Semitic Languages in America (1879) ; 'Moses and Ingersoll' (1881) ; and 'Primitive Semitic Religions To-Day> (1902), his special study.

CURTrUS, koor'tsi-oos, Ernst, German Hellenist: b. Lubeck, 2 Sept. 1814; d. Berlin, 12 July 1896. He was educated at GUttingen, Bonn and Berlin, and in 1844 was appointed professor at Berlin and preceptor of the Crown Prince Frederick William, afterward Frederick III. In 1856 he succeeded Hermann as pro fessor at Gottingen, and 1868 was called again to Berlin University. From 1853 Curtius was

a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences, and from 1871-93 he was continuously secretary of the philologico-historical section of that insti tution. Under Imperial commission in 1874 he ne gotiated with the Greek government in regard to the German excavations at Olympia, begun by him in the following year. He is one of the greatest scholars of modern Germany. Of his works, which mostly relate to Greek antiquities, the best known is his 'History of Greece' (1857-61), translated into English by A. W. Ward (1868-73).. Other works by him are (De Portibus Athenarum' (1842); 'Klassische Studien' (1840) 'Inscriptiones Attica: XII' (1848); (1852) ; 'Die (1855) ; 'Peloponnesos' (1851-52) ; 'Lectures and Addresses' in three volumes (1895). Con sult Gurlitt, 'Erinnerungen an Ernst (Berlin 1902) ; Grimm, 'Ernst Curtius: Ein Brief an seine Freunde' in the Deutsche Rundschau Vol. LXXXVIII, Berlin 1896) ; Curtius, F., 'Ernst Curtius: Ein Lebensbild in Briefen' (Berlin 1903).