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saint, york and bishop

CUSACK, Thomas F., American Roman Catholic bishop: b. New York, 22 Feb. 1862; d. Albany, N. Y., 12 July 1918. His early years were spent in the E.ast Side of New York and it was in that section that he spent most of his priestly career. He attended the public schools, and then attended the College of Saint Francis Xavier, where he received his preliminary training. He received his theo logical course at Saint Joseph's Seminary, Troy, N. Y. On 30 May 1885 he was ordained to the priesthood by the late Bishop McNierney of Albany. His first assignment was to Saint Teresa's, Rutgers street, New York. After five years as assistant there he was promoted to the pastorate of Saint Peter's, Rosendale. In 1897 he resigned his pastorate to organize the New York Apostolate. On becoming superior of that band of missionary priests he was again designated assistant at Saint Teresa's. On 9 March 1904 he was appointed auxiliary bishop of New York and on 25 April of the same year he was consecrated titular bishop of Themiscyra by Cardinal Farley. At

the same time he was appointed irremovable rector of Saint Stephen's, New York. Here he remained until his appointment to the see of Albany, which was made 5 July 1915. One of his first acts as Bishop of Albany was to organize a band of missionaries to preach the faith in the outlying regions of the diocese where the Catholic Church was seldom heard of. He was the leading spirit in the organiz ing of the Catholic State Charities Society. During the Spanish-American War he was auxiliary chaplain at Chickamauga, where he worked night and day among the sick and was highly commended by the officers in charge. After the entry of America in the World War he placed the resources of his dio cese at the disposal of the government, these included several hospitals, homes and a large country inn with 70 acres of land suitable for a convalescent hospital.