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Cyril of Jerusalem

fathers, christian and baptism

CYRIL OF JERUSALEM, Saint, Greek father of the Church: b. Jerusalem about 315; d. there, 18 March 386. After his ordination to the priesthood in 345 his special office was to instruct the catechumens, both those who were to be prepared for admission to the Christian communion through baptism and those who after baptism were to be inducted into knowl edge of the mysteries of the Christian religion, especially the mystery of the Eucharist. This occupation led to his writing his book of one of the most interesting monu ments of the ecclesiastical literature of that time. He was made bishop of Jerusalem in 350. Twice he was deposed and sent into exile by imperial decree because of his unflinching zeal for the creed of Niaea as against the Arian party, first in the reign of Constantine II and then in that of Valens. On the accession of Theodosius in 379, he was restored to his see and there remained till his death. At the Ecu menical Council of Constantinople (381) he was received with acclamations by the fathers as a confessor of the faith who had gladly suffered persecution for the truth's sake. His 'Cate

cheses,' or catechetical lectures, are 23 in num ber, of which 18 are for the instruction of cate chumens in the stage of preparation for bap tism, while the remaining five, called the 'Catecheses Mystagogicse,) treat, as their title imports, of the mysteries of the Christian rehipon. The work, translated into English, is one of the volumes of the Oxford 'Library of the Fathers) Consult the edition of Cyril's works published by A. A. Touttee (Paris 1720; Venice 1761), reprinted in Migne, 'Patrologia Grimm) (Vol. X XXIII), and by G. C. Reischl J. Rupp (2 vols., Munich 1848-60; Eng. trans. by E. Gifford in 'The Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers' (New York 1894). For his biography, Delacroix, 'Saint Cyrille de Jeru salem, sa vie et ses ceuvres' (Paris 1865), and Mader, 'Der heiligen (Einsiedeln 1901).