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CZARTORYSKI, Adam George, PRINCE, Polish statesman and patriot: b. Warsaw, 14 Jan. 1770• d. Paris, 16 July 1861.He was the son of Prince Adam C.asimir Czartoryski, the head of an• ancient Polish house. His education was completed at the University of Edinburgh and in London. After the partition of his country in 1795 he was sent as a hostage to Saint Petersburg. There he formed a close friendship with Prince Alexan der, who on his elevation to the throne ap pointed him assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and curator of all the educational estab lishments in Poland. On 11 April 1805 he signed in name of Russia the Treaty of Alliance with Great Britain. While curator of the University of Vilna he used his influence to keep alive a spirit of nationality among the Poles, and when some of the students were arrested for sedition and sent to Siberia, he resigned his office. On the outbreak of the Polish revolution of 1830 he showed himself active on behalf of his coun try, and was chosen president of the provisional government (18 December). On 30 Jan. 1831

he became the head of the national government, and gave up the half of his property to the service of has country. On the appointment of Krukowiecki to the dictatorship Czartoryski re signed his post as president of the Senate. In the last days of the struggle for freedom he served as a common soldier in the corps of General Romarino. Thenceforth he lived at Paris, ceaselessly engaged in aiding his needy fellow-countrymen. He was excluded from the amnesty of 1831, and his estates in Poland were confiscated. In 1848 he liberated all the serfs on his estates in Galicia, and during the Crimean War endeavored to induce England and France to identify the cause of Poland with that of Turkey. Alexander II offered him an amnesty which he refused. Consult his et correspondance avec l'empereur Alexander Premier' (Paris 1:::7; Eng. trans., London 1888) ; Morfill, (Story of Poland) (ib., 1893); Zaleski, (Life of Adam Czartoryski' (Paris 1881); Gadon, (Prince Adam Czar (Cracow 1900). See POLAND.