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Dakota Wesleyan University

hall, conference and institution

DAKOTA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY. A charter for an institution to be known as Dakota University was obtained in 1883, as the result of a resolution of the Dakota Mission Conference held at Parker the year before. This resolution had provided for the appoint ment of a committee to investigate various of fers of land and money for the object of es tablishing a school under the auspices of the Mission Conference. During the years 1883 and 1884 a stock company was formed, univer sity addition to the city of Mitchell was plated, lots were sold, and in this way and by sub scriptions, money was raised to begin the con struction of a college building. In April 1885 a new company was organized and a new char ter obtained which provided for the ((establish ment of an institution of learning of high grade at Mitchell, S. Dak., whose course of instruction should become and be a full uni versity course." Provision was made also for the establishment of a preparatory department and of •such auxiliaries and branches as shall be decreed by the board of directors, in localities where suitable aid shall be offered for that pur pose." The university and all of its depart ments were to be under the control of the Meth odist Episcopal Church. The university was

opened and instruction was begun in the fall of 1885. In 1886 the Dakota Conference at its session at Watertown formally accepted the new institution, and since that time it has been under the control of a board of directors elect ed by the Conference. On 9 March 1888 the college building was completely destroyed by fire. Other quarters were, however, provided for the classes and the work continued without serious interruption. During the following year a new building was erected, the present College Hall. More recently Graham Hall, the President's House and Science Hall have been added. These buildings are all constructed of Sioux Falls granite. They are modern and well adapted to their purposes. Since the construc tion of Science Hall the laboratories have been quite generously institution The total re- sources of the nstitution besides campus, buildings and equipment are approximately $300,000. The library contains 40,000 volumes and the total enrollment is 400. The attendance for the last school year is 369.