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DAMROSCH, Leopold, German musician : b. Posen, Prussia, 22 Oct. 1832; d. New York, 15 Feb; 1885. He was graduated from the Univer sity.of Berlin, and began the practice of medi cine; but his love for music predominated, and M 1864 he gave up his medical profession and started on a tour as violinist. He met with great success and on his return to -Posen was appointed musical director at the Stadt Theatre. He subsequently held a similar post in •Breilau. Coming to the United States, he was made leader of the Arlon • Society in New York, founded the Oratorio and Symphony societies of that city and was successful in introducing German opera at the Metropolitan Opera House. He published several cantatas, over tares and numerous pieces for the violin.

iDAHROSCH, -Wither Johannes,- AineriCan musiCian: b. Breslau, Prussia, 30 ,Jan. 1862. Hie,. is•a son of. Leopold..Damrosdi .(q.v.), , and has , a resident m'the United States since 1871.

He inherited:the Musieal talent:of his father •I and: succeeded hini in, his entevprises,. In .1894.1 he.foainded, the,Damrosch: Opera .Compane fine,: the production of Wagner. Since 1903 he has:. been •director , of New York Symphony Which, i he , also .reorganized. He . is theispedial` exponent of the Wagnerian school:, of , music,' 'end hat,: condutited Operatic perform ahoesi in 'cal: cities; proving himself a/ ntostl acceptable: leader. His compositions in clude an opera . founded on Hawthorn's of , with which he toured 'States Te Dettm, 'sonata prodtteed New ' York ; (Cyratio:' 'Bergertie;) an opera in ifour':acts (1913) ;':and the incidental music for (Medea? and for the at Ber lceley, In:1914; 'Columbia Univer shy •confereedion 'the :degrie: of doctor of • ' ' •